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Schmooz Core Values
What we believe in:
Driving growth and demonstrating purpose.
Embracing complexity without being complex.
Understanding that value goes both ways.
Adding value to our community.
Showing up with solutions.
Our goal is to build the foremost community around brands who do good in business.
Over the years, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing brands, talent and like-minded people.
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I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with the Schmooz Media team and find them to be professional, passionate and engaging. Not only are they driven by their values, but they have really taken the time to understand our own brand values and ensured that they are reflected in the work they have done for us.
James Knupfer
CEO and Founder
We’ve worked with the Schmooz team for six years and they have proven time and again that social media works!
Wendy Hamilton-Share
Executive Director
& Co-founder
Working with Zoe and her team has been so incredibly reinvigorating. Schmooz's consistent ability to hear and improve upon constructive feedback and overall implementation is exceptional.
Christan Bosley
President & Broker of Record
Our Products
Schmooz's product as a service approach prioritizes value and these outcomes:
Our Mission
To build the foremost community around brands who do good by bringing together:
Brand Leaders
Our Commitment
Schmooz helps clients be authentic, clear, and serve their audiences. We are:
The first step is understanding...
We believe that your business will be most successful when your marketing is tied to clear goals and clarity of purpose, vision, and mission.

In order for your partnership with Schmooz to succeed, we need to learn and listen in order to find out as much as we can about your goals, purpose, vision, and mission.
Then the learning starts.
For every challenge we meet with, we carefully consider what we need to explore in order to face it. Experience-driven strategies and industry-leading data will help fulfill your creative needs and marketing campaigns.

We always share interesting things we’ve learned, we ask questions and engage with responses, and we take note of interesting conversations and trends that could lead to something.
It's a partnership.
We have expertise in building brands on social, but we want our clients to understand the value we add, not simply trust us blindly. We believe marketing should be approachable, and strive to include client education in our approach to providing services.

We believe that sharing what you know builds trust; when we collaborate, we can more successfully communicate with each other – and to your audience.
Responsive not reactive.
We learn through doing. Being an expert in something doesn’t mean you know everything about it; it means you have the knowledge, passion, and the willingness to continue learning.

Iteration is the name of the game in social media.
Our work starts with understanding, research, and collaboration, and from there it needs to evolve. Finding out what works is an ongoing process – and we want to learn and grow with you over time.
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