At the core of every purpose-driven business is meaningful content & genuine conversation.

At Schmooz, great social marketing means embodying your core values in each piece of content you share.

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Everything we do is to help create meaningful social relationships and drive impactful conversation. It is our goal to work closely with businesses that want to stand the test of time, so that they can continue to create value and opportunities for years to come. 

We want our clients to have results that lead to profit and purpose. This means we measure success around areas like customer lifetime value, customer and employee retention, positive referrals and review building as well as ambassador programs.

Zoe Share

With a background in teaching, business and communications, Zoë Share founded Schmooz in 2014. After leading Schmooz for over 5 years, Zoe has built a team and service offering that she is proud of. Everyday, she witnesses her team's creativity and the communities that they support in collaboration with great businesses.

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"I got a chance to review the August Report you sent. Love the progress we made over the past month. Getting the name out there."

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Our services are flexible enough to be customized to your needs. Whether you need a strategic plan and training that will get your team flying without us, or you need someone to swoop in and do everything from interviews, to content writing, to social media posting, management and monitoring, Schmooz can help you start the conversation.

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You can learn more about what makes someone qualified for a free workshop and learn about what our core values workshop is all about in the articles below.

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What Makes Someone Qualified for a Free Workshop?

When you do our online quiz, we start our learning journey with you, to see if we are the right fit for each other.

If you qualify, you are likely to feel connected our core values. You believe that engaging and nurturing your community is a vital part of earning trust with employees and clients...

What's a Core Values Workshop All About?

Core Values are the fundamental principles that guide the way you run your business. Whether or not you have defined these core values, they exist within your company. Defining them can help you in growing trust and new opportunities with your employees, customers and ideal audience...

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