At the core of every purpose-driven business is meaningful content & genuine conversation.

At Schmooz, great social marketing means embodying your core values in each piece of content you share.

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Everything we do is to help create meaningful social relationships and drive impactful conversation. As passionate artists and business visionaries, it is our privilege to work closely with businesses that seek a deeper connection to the work they do, so that they can create value and opportunities for their growing community.

Will Perkins
Director of Client Strategy

Will Perkins is the Director of Client Strategy at Schmooz Media. He joined the team as a freelancer in 2016 before coming on as a full-time Content and Design Strategist the following year. He previously worked in digital PR for GCI Canada, digital marketing for engagementlabs (formerly MTHRTY), and as a social media community developer for Superweapon Games (now FoxNext Los Angeles).

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"You have a powerful energy you bring to a room, and it positively impacts everyone."

Jamie Harnish
Real Estate Agent


Our services are flexible enough to be customized to your needs. Whether you need a strategic plan and training that will get your team flying without us, or you need someone to swoop in and do everything from interviews, to content writing, to social media posting, management and monitoring, Schmooz can help you start the conversation.

We solve real marketing problems.

We believe the best marketing is a mix of driving profit and demonstrating purpose.

We look to the things your brand already does well.

This is all about digging deep to recognize what truly differentiates your brand.

...and amplify them so you can attract & attain customers and employees.

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