Harry and Meghan - Some Suggestions on How to Become Financially Independent

August 4, 2020
January 9, 2020

Dear Harry and Meghan,

If you actually ever read this, please forgive my glib manner; I am smiling while I write this, I don't have malicious intention and I am aware of how challenging it must be to carve out a new space for yourselves within a family structure that is complex to say the least. I respect you for what you are doing and I am rooting for you.

Also, please note that I am a fan, I have purchased furniture from the set of the Toronto show Suits for my new office space. Moreover, I am a millennial who runs a social media marketing agency, so there are lots of things people can say to poke fun of me, but I could not resist sharing these ideas of ways you can gain financial independence.

1. THE OBVIOUS IDEA: You can start a blog and social media platforms to match. You could call the blog "Succession Rebellion- Life as Royal Rebels." You can get paid for affiliate posts, in collaboration with CBD products, Fabletics and Disney plus. Now, you don't need to charge a small amount per post and in fact, I suggest you partner with 10 brands and get them to pay you 10 half-time salaries for your meaningful contributions. Ten times $30,0000 ($300,000) would do you nicely.

2. THE POLISHED APPROACH: Write a book, make a play for a feature film, and then move into a workshop speaker series: "The Silver Spoon Effect: How to Create a Spotlight for Yourself by Trying to Avoid the Spotlight." In fact, I can imagine a speaker series around this and I love it! I would attend, and I would pay $32.99 for the book, download the film for $10.99 and then show interest in a course or workshop if the offering was around $499.99. If you could sell 10,000 books, that's a nice $32,000. and even if you only got 500 people to the workshops annually, that's a good $250,000.00 of revenue. You can even donate some of this back into the community.

3. THE HGTV ANGLE: You would create a T.V. show following you around trying to find a castle-like dwelling in Canada, and then, we would watch you flip it, all while demonstrating balanced parenting. The carriage house of the castle will be an airbnb where they will get rental income from. $750/night. If you were able to rent it out for 16 nights a month, you'd be able to bring in $144,000 CAD per year.

If you need any more ideas, I'm very happy to share (or help!) you with these next steps. As an agency with experience with family businesses (and the complex dynamics) and in the core values work we do, I think it's very important that we support people who are trying to maintain a balance between what their family wants and what is a healthy way forward for everyone involved. It is up to you to define what success means to your family of 3, and I hope you can find happiness!

Wishing you all the best,


CEO, Schmooz Media

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