August 4, 2020
December 23, 2019

Dear Friends,

It has been another year and I cannot believe I am here again writing this end of year reflection.

Upon looking back on the 2018 overview (link here), I am fascinated by how much 2018 was about figuring out how to run a business with a new baby. I feel deeply compassionate towards Zoe of 2018 - that was a hard time for me. That year, I had focused on trusting what I had built and had decided that my 2019 focus word would be expertise. I wanted to take all the trust I had built and celebrate all that we had learned. I feel proud that this is a word I returned to over and over again in 2019.

My new word for 2020 is health, and here’s why: I will not compromise my well-being for Schmooz and I don’t want Schmooz to compromise its strengths to try to be everything either. Everything I have been laying a foundation for in the last few months is with that in mind. In January, we will be launching some new things: a new website, a new (larger) location and becoming (even) more focused on the things that we already do well. We are owning our expertise and saying no to the things that aren’t right for us, trusting that this is what will help our personal and business health.

When I listen to my gut, when I celebrate (and sell) the things that I already know we are good at, I am able to create a more healthy work environment for my company and home life for my family and for myself.

Some of the ways I have started to prioritize my company and personal health and well-being include:

  • Cutting down on sugar (especially near bedtime!)
  • Revisiting the original Schmooz planning I had done 5 years ago. (I’ll talk about this in a future post)
  • Creating content that demonstrates Schmooz’s core values! This is something we do with our clients, and it was time we started applying this for ourselves! You can see a post on my LinkedIn that talks about this a bit here.
  • To further the above point, I have really started working on what I want my personal legacy to be now that we have been in business for 5+ years. I'll talk about this more and more in 2020 as I've identified how important it is for me to create something that stands the test of time (and for us to work with people who value that as well!)
  • Not being in a rush to hire more staff and instead doubling down on the clients who already value what we do.
  • Continuing to prioritize my roots as an educator and sharing my knowledge as much as I can. I believe that this will help attract the right people to the Schmooz community.
  • Joining and participating in Dovetail (and surrounding myself with female-identifying entrepreneurs who get it!)
  • Taking the time to celebrate 5 years of being in business!
  • Doing a Team Capacity Creator Workshop with the amazing Melanie Sodka

You can count on me continuing to prioritize this as Schmooz moves into 2020 and I look forward to our current relationships continuing, and new (healthy) ones starting!

As a final note, I am so grateful to our community. The Schmooz team blows me away with their communication, openness and willingness to believe in my vision. Our clients also believe that there is a better way to do social media - one that is genuine and doesn't threaten brand integrity. One that isn't about growth at all costs, but instead about the right growth and growing through learning.

I hope you all have a restful holiday season. I am hoping that a few days off will help me to recharge so that I can come to 2020 fresh and ready to go, because right now, I need a few days off!

Until 2020,


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