What's a Values Workshop all about?

Core Values are the fundamental principles that guide the way you run your business. Whether or not you have defined these core values, they exist within your company. Defining them can help you in growing trust and new opportunities with your employees, customers and ideal audience. Once we have done the Core Values Workshop, Schmooz is able to make every piece of content truly representative of your business, your community and your goals.

The Values Workshop takes around 45 minutes to complete and we suggest it is run with 6-10 people on your team.

The goal of the workshop is to work with your team to understand what makes your business special. This is a guided team building workshop, and was created so that your team can come together about the value you offer and the value you want to create (or for many people, are already creating, but not in a defined and transparent way) The workshop acts as a good way to get a pulse on the team, without alienating people.

The learning we all gather from this workshop help us in creating content and making strategic marketing (and other) decisions.

After the workshop, we spend another 15-20 minutes chatting with you about your business and your social marketing vision! 

What Makes Someone Qualified for a Values Workshop?

When you do our online quiz, we start our learning journey with you, to see if we are the right fit for each other.

Our ideal customers understand that social marketing is one piece of the marketing pie and agree with us that's it's important to invest in other marketing activities!

If you qualify, you are likely to feel connected to the Schmooz core values. You believe that engaging and nurturing your community is a vital part of earning trust with employees and clients, and know that this will lead you to gain referrals, repeat sales and retain your existing employees and clients for longer...

Are you a good fit for Schmooz's Values Workshop?

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