Gabriella Rackoff

Brand Development Strategist

I’m a creative director, brand strategist, and marketer with over ten years of industry experience. I joined an early stage startup as the second employee of a small marketing division and grew it into Eighty-Eight, a thriving boutique agency that in turn serves startups and forward-thinking companies of all sizes.  

I led the development of our brand identity and positioning as an agency, established a complementary design practice, and brought a more strategic approach to our work with clients. We started as a startup within a startup offering social media marketing services in the residential and commercial real estate development space. My advertising and design background led me to see an opportunity for expanding our creative department and strategic brand-building services as digital channels were becoming more sophisticated.

Over the next eight years, I continued to grow the team, refine our methodology, expand our client list to new industries, and build our own brand as an agency. Our team worked across design, marketing strategy, and PR with a focus on clients in the startup and tech space. We’ve worked with clients like foodora, Lyft, Telus, Inkbox, NEO Exchange, Infiniti Motors, and Sony Pictures Television. Eighty-Eight has been recognized in AdAge, AdWeek, Applied Arts, Marketing Magazine, Strategy Magazine, and Design Taxi.

Prior to joining Eighty-Eight I got my start in the agency world as a copywriter, and experimented with the fashion industry, working in the fashion direction office at the Hudson’s Bay Company as a graphic designer and trend forecasting researcher following an internship at Fashion Television Canada.

I received my BA in Drama Studies from York University before completing a postgrad in Creative Advertising at Seneca College in 2008.

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