Will Perkins

Director of Brand and Client Strategy

Will Perkins is the Director of Brand and Client Strategy at Schmooz Media. He joined the team as a freelancer in 2016 before coming on as a full-time Content and Design Strategist the following year. He previously worked in digital PR for GCI Canada, digital marketing for engagementlabs (formerly MTHRTY), and as a social media community developer for Superweapon Games (now FoxNext Los Angeles).

Will studied Political Science and Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. In addition to his work in public relations and marketing, he has also worked as a journalist, contributing writing and interviews to such outlets as Yahoo Movies, Design Bureau, Kill Screen, Maxim, and many others. In his spare time he is Editor at Large of the film and design resource Art of the Title and Editor-in-Chief of the Toronto-based genre culture site ThatShelf.com. He's also lectured internationally on film and design at conferences such as SXSW and AIGA and institutions such as the Smithsonian American Art Museum, OCAD, and the Toronto International Film Festival.

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