Nominate a Business or Social Enterprise in Need

 — Where Values Meet

Schmooz launched in 2014 as a small social marketing agency hoping to do good. As our team and vision evolved, we are proud to invite businesses or social enterprises who are unable to pay for the marketing support they desperately need to grow their businesses, to join the Where Values Meet program.

How does it work? If you’re a business or social enterprise that needs access to social marketing support to demonstrate the social impact your business is having and add value to your community, you can apply below. We’ll ask you to list your core values, your mission and give a few other details about your business and current marketing strategies. 

Here’s where the magic happens; it is our mission to match you to another company in our client community who has the same or similar core values as you. Schmooz will then take 10% of our margin to provide businesses in need with a marketing budget.

If you’re a fit for our program, you’ll join our directory.


If you want to help a business in the directory let's talk!

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